[ in-ter-ak-tiv ]
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  1. acting one upon or with the other.

  2. of or relating to a two-way system of electronic communications, as by means of television or computer: interactive communications between families using two-way cable television.

  1. (of a computer program or system) interacting with a human user, often in a conversational way, to obtain data or commands and to give immediate results or updated information: For many years airline reservations have been handled by interactive computer systems.

Origin of interactive

First recorded in 1825–35; inter- + active

Other words from interactive

  • in·ter·ac·tive·ly, adverb
  • non·in·ter·ac·tive, adjective

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How to use interactive in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for interactive


/ (ˌɪntərˈæktɪv) /

  1. allowing or relating to continuous two-way transfer of information between a user and the central point of a communication system, such as a computer or television

  2. (of two or more persons, forces, etc) acting upon or in close relation with each other; interacting

Derived forms of interactive

  • interactivity, noun

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Cultural definitions for interactive


If users receive real-time feedback from a computer so that they can modify the use of the machine, the hardware, software, or content, the system is said to be interactive.

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