[ in-ter-gley-shuhl ]

  1. occurring or formed between times of glacial action.

Origin of interglacial

First recorded in 1865–70; inter- + glacial

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How to use interglacial in a sentence

  • During the first and second interglacial epochs the climate appears to have been warmer than at present.

  • He also took up a much bolder attitude on the question of interglacial deposits and the relation of man to the Ice Age.

    James Geikie | Marion I. Newbigin
  • In both cases it is extremely difficult, or quite impossible, to assign the remains to definite glacial or interglacial times.

    The Elements of Geology | William Harmon Norton
  • Many of the valleys of our present rivers are but patchworks of preglacial, interglacial, and postglacial courses (Fig. 366).

    The Elements of Geology | William Harmon Norton
  • It was followed by the Third interglacial epoch which may have extended over at least 100,000 years.

    Ancient Man in Britain | Donald A. (Donald Alexander) Mackenzie

British Dictionary definitions for interglacial


/ (ˌɪntəˈɡleɪsɪəl, -ʃəl) /

  1. occurring or formed between periods of glacial action

  1. a period of comparatively warm climate between two glaciations, esp of the Pleistocene epoch

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Scientific definitions for interglacial


[ ĭn′tər-glāshəl ]

  1. Occurring between glacial epochs.

  1. A comparatively short period of warmth during an overall period of glaciation. Interglacials are characterized both by the melting of ice and by a change in vegetation.

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