[ in-ter-leys, in-ter-leys ]
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verb (used without object),in·ter·laced, in·ter·lac·ing.
  1. to cross one another, typically passing alternately over and under, as if woven together; intertwine: Their hands interlaced.

verb (used with object),in·ter·laced, in·ter·lac·ing.
  1. to unite or arrange (threads, strips, parts, branches, etc.) so as to intercross one another, passing alternately over and under; intertwine.

  2. to mingle; blend.

  1. to diversify, as with threads woven in.

  2. to intersperse; intermingle: She interlaced her lecture on Schubert with some of his songs.

Origin of interlace

1325–75; inter- + lace; replacing Middle English entrelacen<Middle French en-trelacer

Other words from interlace

  • in·ter·lac·ed·ly [in-ter-ley-sid-lee], /ˌɪn tərˈleɪ sɪd li/, adverb
  • in·ter·lace·ment, noun
  • un·in·ter·laced, adjective

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How to use interlace in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for interlace


/ (ˌɪntəˈleɪs) /

  1. to join together (patterns, fingers, etc) by crossing, as if woven; intertwine

  2. (tr) to mingle or blend in an intricate way

  1. (tr usually foll by with) to change the pattern of; diversify; intersperse: to interlace a speech with humour

Derived forms of interlace

  • interlacedly (ˌɪntəˈleɪsɪdlɪ), adverb
  • interlacement, noun

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