interrogative sentence

The kind of sentence that asks a question and uses a question mark: “How can I do that?”

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How to use interrogative sentence in a sentence

  • If an interrogative sentence ends with a quotation, the point of interrogation stands outside the inverted commas.

    "Stops" | Paul Allardyce
  • In an interrogative sentence including a Personal Pronoun and a Noun, as, co e am fear sin?

    Elements of Gaelic Grammar | Alexander Stewart
  • This interrogative sentence is introduced by the interrogative adverb why.

    Plain English | Marian Wharton
  • Every interrogative sentence should end with a question mark.

    Plain English | Marian Wharton
  • We call the second, regardless of its form, an interrogative sentence because it asks a question (interrogates).

    Why We Punctuate | William Livingston Klein