[ in-too; unstressed in-too, -tuh ]
/ ˈɪn tu; unstressed ˈɪn tʊ, -tə /
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Mathematics. pertaining to a function or map from one set to another set, the range of which is a proper subset of the second set, as the function f, from the set of all integers into the set of all perfect squares where f(x) = x2 for every integer.
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Origin of into

before 1000; Middle English, Old English; see in, to
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British Dictionary definitions for into

/ (ˈɪntuː, unstressed ˈɪntə) /

to the interior or inner parts ofto look into a case
to the middle or midst of so as to be surrounded byinto the water; into the bushes
against; up againsthe drove into a wall
used to indicate the result of a transformation or changehe changed into a monster
maths used to indicate a dividendthree into six is two
informal interested or enthusiastically involved inI'm really into Freud these days
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