[too; unstressed too, tuh]

WATCH NOW: What Is The Actual Definition Of The Word "To"?

WATCH NOW: What Is The Actual Definition Of The Word "To"?

There’s no real definition for the word "to" because it's a word that primarily just serves a function … 22 of them, actually. Yup, there are 22 uses for the preposition “to.”




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    to and fro. fro(def 2).

Origin of to

before 900; Middle English, Old English tō; cognate with Dutch te, toe, German zu

Can be confusedto too two


turn over.


or TO

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British Dictionary definitions for to




used to indicate the destination of the subject or object of an actionhe climbed to the top
used to mark the indirect object of a verb in a sentencetelling stories to children
used to mark the infinitive of a verbhe wanted to go
as far as; untilworking from Monday to Friday
used to indicate equality16 ounces to the pound
against; upon; ontoput your ear to the wall
before the hour offive minutes to four
accompanied bydancing to loud music
as compared with, as againstthe score was eight to three
used to indicate a resulting conditionhe tore her dress to shreds; they starved to death
a dialect word for at 1 he's to town; where's it to?


towards a fixed position, esp (of a door) closed

Word Origin for to

Old English tō; related to Old Frisian, Old Saxon to, Old High German zuo, Latin do- as in dōnec until

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