[ in-vent ]
/ ɪnˈvɛnt /
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verb (used with object)

to originate or create as a product of one's own ingenuity, experimentation, or contrivance: to invent the telegraph.
to produce or create with the imagination: to invent a story.
to make up or fabricate (something fictitious or false): to invent excuses.
Archaic. to come upon; find.



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Origin of invent

1425–75; late Middle English invented (past participle) found, discovered (see -ed2) <Latin inventus, past participle of invenīre to encounter, come upon, find, equivalent to in-in-2 + ven(īre) to come + -tus past participle suffix
1. See discover.
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British Dictionary definitions for invent

/ (ɪnˈvɛnt) /


to create or devise (new ideas, machines, etc)
to make up (falsehoods); fabricate
inventible or inventable, adjective
C15: from Latin invenīre to find, come upon, from in- ² + venīre to come
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