iron rations

pl n
  1. emergency food supplies, esp for military personnel in action: See also C rations, K ration, MRE

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How to use iron rations in a sentence

  • Their leather pouches which held enough iron rations to keep them going were always at hand.

    The Time Traders | Andre Norton
  • A mouthful of iron rations, a drop of tepid water from my flask, which water has a pronounced taste of tin.

  • The food (iron rations), corned beef and biscuits and tea, and sometimes a little jam, is not conducive to mirth-producing.

  • In some of them you pack iron rations, food for a day or so.

  • He was dirty and unshaven inside the unit, sick of iron rations pushed through the airlock, stiff and sore with exertion.

    Duel on Syrtis | Poul William Anderson