[ rok-it ]
/ ˈrɒk ɪt /
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verb (used with object)
to move or transport by means of a rocket.
to attack with rockets.
verb (used without object)
to move like a rocket.
(of game birds) to fly straight up rapidly when flushed.
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Origin of rocket

1605–15; <Italian rocchetta, diminutive of rocca distaff (with reference to its shape) <Gothic *rukka


rock·et·like, adjective

Other definitions for rocket (2 of 2)

[ rok-it ]
/ ˈrɒk ɪt /

any of various plants belonging to the genus Hesperis, of the mustard family, and related genera.Compare dame's rocket.
Also called rocket salad, roquette . the arugula plant, used in salads.
a noxious weed, Barbarea vulgaris, of the U.S., having lobed leaves and clusters of small, yellow flowers.

Origin of rocket

1520–30; <French roquette<Italian ruchetta ≪ Latin ērūca kind of herb
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British Dictionary definitions for rocket (1 of 2)

/ (ˈrɒkɪt) /

a self-propelling device, esp a cylinder containing a mixture of solid explosives, used as a firework, distress signal, line carrier, etc
  1. any vehicle propelled by a rocket engine, esp one used to carry a warhead, spacecraft, etc
  2. (as modifier)rocket propulsion; rocket launcher
British and NZ informal a severe reprimand (esp in the phrase get a rocket)
verb -ets, -eting or -eted
(tr) to propel (a missile, spacecraft, etc) by means of a rocket
(intr ; foll by off, away , etc) to move off at high speed
(intr) to rise rapidlyhe rocketed to the top

Word Origin for rocket

C17: from Old French roquette, from Italian rochetto a little distaff, from rocca distaff, of Germanic origin

British Dictionary definitions for rocket (2 of 2)

/ (ˈrɒkɪt) /

Also called: arugula a Mediterranean plant, Eruca sativa, having yellowish-white flowers and leaves used as a salad: family Brassicaceae (crucifers)
any of several plants of the related genus Sisymbrium, esp S. irio (London rocket), which grow on waste ground and have pale yellow flowers
yellow rocket any of several yellow-flowered plants of the related genus Barbarea, esp B. vulgaris
sea rocket any of several plants of the related genus Cakile, esp C. maritima, which grow along the seashores of Europe and North America and have mauve, pink, or white flowers
dame's rocket another name for dame's violet

Word Origin for rocket

C16: from French roquette, from Italian rochetta, from Latin ērūca a caterpillar, hairy plant
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Scientific definitions for rocket

[ rŏkĭt ]

A vehicle or device propelled by one or more rocket engines, especially such a vehicle designed to travel through space.
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