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[ it-uh-rey-shuhn ]


  1. the act of repeating; a repetition.
  2. Mathematics.
    1. Also called suc·ces·sive ap·prox·i·ma·tion [s, uh, k-, ses, -iv , uh, -prok-s, uh, -, mey, -sh, uh, n]. a problem-solving or computational method in which a succession of approximations, each building on the one preceding, is used to achieve a desired degree of accuracy.
    2. an instance of the use of this method.
  3. Digital Technology.
    1. a repetition of a statement or statements in a computer program.
    2. a different version of an existing data set, software program, hardware device, etc.:

      A new iteration of the data will be released next month.

  4. a different form or version of something:

    He designed the previous iteration of our logo.

  5. a development strategy that involves a cyclical process of refining or tweaking the latest version of a product, process, or idea to make a subsequent version:

    Our startup is relying on rapid iteration in the next software development cycle.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of iteration1

First recorded in 1425–75; late Middle English from Latin iterātiōn-, stem of iterātiō; iterate, -ion

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Example Sentences

However, he had seen an “earlier iteration” of the guidelines and posed no opposition.

However, the previous iteration of the Reports page will remain accessible until the end of September.

She noted that City Council members had been briefed individually on different iterations of the agreement over the past few months.

They are the latest iteration of a decades-long transformation of the GOP.

This process is called backpropagation, and over many iterations will tune the network until it makes accurate predictions.

It barely raised an eyebrow, perhaps because many assumed it was yet another iteration of the same old pipedream.

Also in the pipeline is the idea to crowd-source the next iteration of the DLT.

Now Carter and Knight are in their third iteration of a boy band, of sorts.

The protests that continued Wednesday night are just the latest iteration of that anger.

During the Iranian iteration, one event allowed customers to congregate with a local dining in Iran.

Music and the shuffling iteration of the dance seemed to act in a soothing way upon his nerves.

We all grow so weary with the iteration of even the best of truths!

"It's the only place they can gain," he cried in his soul in bitter iteration.

All material objects around announced their irresponsibility with terrible iteration.

They hear nothing but a constant iteration of talk about cattle, crops, and weather—important matters, but apt to grow monotonous.





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