/ (ˈaɪvərɪz, -vrɪz) /

pl nslang
  1. the keys of a piano

  2. another word for teeth

  1. another word for dice

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How to use ivories in a sentence

  • "Thoughtful of others still," reflected Ida, as the girl Sally displayed a double row of ivories, at Carry's apology.

    Alone | Marion Harland
  • Jacky came instantly down, showed his ivories, and admitted his friend's existence on the word of the dog.

  • Carved ivories should certainly be shown with a dark setting.

    Chats on Household Curios | Fred W. Burgess
  • Toots showed two rows of gleaming ivories and beamed with the greatest delight.

    Frank Merriwell's Races | Burt L. Standish
  • She was indeed very black, and her shining ivories were always visible in a smile.

    A Daughter of the Union | Lucy Foster Madison