[ ik-sod-id, -soh-did, ik-suh-did ]
/ ɪkˈsɒd ɪd, -ˈsoʊ dɪd, ˈɪk sə dɪd /


any of numerous ticks of the family Ixodidae, comprising the hard ticks.


belonging or pertaining to the family Ixodidae.

Origin of ixodid

1910–15; < New Latin Ixodidae name of the family, equivalent to Ixod(es) genus name (< Greek ixṓdēs like birdlime, sticky, clammy, equivalent to ix(ós) birdlime + -ōdēs -ode1) + -idae -idae; see -id2
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[ ĭk-sŏdĭd, -sōdĭd ]


A member of the family Ixodidae.
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