[ jab ]
/ dʒæb /

verb (used with or without object), jabbed, jab·bing.

to poke, or thrust abruptly or sharply, as with the end or point of a stick.
to punch, especially with a short, quick blow.


a poke with the end or point of something; a sharp, quick thrust.
a short, quick punch.

Origin of jab

1815–25; variant, orig. Scots, of job2


jab·bing·ly, adverb
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British Dictionary definitions for jabbing

/ (dʒæb) /

verb jabs, jabbing or jabbed

to poke or thrust sharply
to strike with a quick short blow or blows


a sharp poke or stab
a quick short blow, esp (in boxing) a straight punch with the leading hand
informal an injectionpolio jabs

Derived forms of jab

jabbing, adjectivejabbingly, adverb

Word Origin for jab

C19: originally Scottish variant of job
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