1. An extreme radical party during the French Revolution named for the place where its founders first met, a convent of Jacobin friars. It was led by Robespierre .

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In general, a member of an extremist or radical group is often called a “Jacobin.”

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Example Sentences

It is a far cry from his father's speech at CPAC last year about how "Neo-Jacobins" are ruining America's foreign policy.

Jefferson even defended the Jacobins, architects of the bloody Reign of Terror.

Many targets will settle because their attorneys will advise them that their juries will likely be stocked with Jacobins.

Their present organization is precisely that of the French Jacobins; their plan of operation the same.

They rivaled the Jacobins in the endeavor to see who could strike the heaviest blows against the throne.

The mob, headed by the Jacobins, had now the complete ascendency, and he was minister but in name.

Hence the Jacobins had serious cause to fear a reaction, and determined to silence their voices by the slide of the guillotine.

The Jacobins now made a direct and infamous attempt to turn the rage of the populace against Madame Roland.


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