/ (ˈdʒæɡə) /

  1. Sir Mick, full name Michael Philip Jagger. born 1943, English rock singer and songwriter: lead vocalist with the Rolling Stones

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How to use Jagger in a sentence

  • Jagger was a north-country name for a man who worked draught-horses for hire.

    The Romance of Names | Ernest Weekley
  • The miller was a lamb, compared with dame Caddlefurrow; and that lady a dove in deportment, to old Jagger Saffern.

  • Yet he endeavoured to assume an indifferent air while he asked the Jagger whether there were no news in the country.

    The Pirate | Sir Walter Scott
  • “Weel, but take patience,—ye will not hear a body speak,” said the Jagger.

    The Pirate | Sir Walter Scott
  • Be good, deserve it, and abide by Mr. Jagger's instructions.

    Ten Boys from Dickens | Kate Dickinson Sweetser