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or ja·la·pe·no

[hah-luh-peyn-yoh; Spanish hah-lah-pe-nyaw]
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noun, plural ja·la·pe·ños [hah-luh-peyn-yohz; Spanish hah-lah-pe-nyaws] /ˌhɑ ləˈpeɪn yoʊz; Spanish ˌhɑ lɑˈpɛ nyɔs/.
  1. a hot green or orange-red pepper, the fruit of a variety of Capsicum annuum, used especially in Mexican cooking.
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Origin of jalapeño

1935–40; < Mexican Spanish (chile) jalapeño (chile of) Jalapa
Also called jalapeño pepper.
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  1. a very hot type of green chilli pepper, used esp in Mexican cookeryAlso: jalapeño pepper
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Word Origin

Mexican Spanish
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Word Origin and History for jalapeno


type of pepper, by 1957, literally "of Jalapa," from Mexican Spanish Jalapa, place in Mexico, from Aztec Xalapan, literally "sand by the water," from xalli "sand" + atl "water" + -pan "place."

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