[ jam-ee ]
/ ˈdʒæm i /
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Definition of jammy

adjective, jam·mi·er, jam·mi·est.
British Informal. very lucky.
British Informal. pleasant; easy; desirable: He has a jammy job.
covered or filled with jam: jammy doughnuts.
tasting like or having the consistency of jam: a sweet and jammy wine that tastes like cooked berries;jammy soft-boiled eggs.
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Origin of jammy

First recorded in 1850–55; apparently jam2 + -y1; compare the idioms to have jam on it “to have something easy”; real jam, pure jam “something easy or pleasant”
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How to use jammy in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for jammy

/ (ˈdʒæmɪ) /

adjective -mier or -miest
covered with or tasting like jam
British slang luckyjammy so-and-sos!
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