[ jel-ee-fish ]
/ 藞d蕭蓻l i藢f瑟蕛 /
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noun, plural (especially collectively) jel路ly路fish, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) jel路ly路fish路es.
any of various marine coelenterates of a soft, gelatinous structure, especially one with an umbrellalike body and long, trailing tentacles; medusa.
Informal. a person without strong resolve or stamina; an indecisive or weak person.
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Origin of jellyfish

1700鈥10; 1910鈥15 for def. 2; jelly + fish
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British Dictionary definitions for jellyfish

/ (藞d蕭蓻l瑟藢f瑟蕛) /

noun plural -fish or -fishes
any marine medusoid coelenterate of the class Scyphozoa, having a gelatinous umbrella-shaped body with trailing tentacles
any other medusoid coelenterate
informal a weak indecisive person
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Medical definitions for jellyfish

[ j臅l膿-f沫sh鈥 ]

n. pl. jellyfish
Any of numerous marine coelenterates of the class Scyphozoa, some poisonous species of which, notably the Portuguese man-of-war, produce a toxin that can be injected into the skin by nematocysts on the tentacles, causing linear wheals.
Any of various similar or related coelenterates.
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