[jer-boh-uh, jer-]


any of various mouselike rodents of North Africa and Asia, as of the genera Jaculus and Dipus, with long hind legs used for jumping.

Origin of jerboa

1655–65; < New Latin < Arabic yarbūʿ; see gerbil Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

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  • Some commentators on the Old Testament translate the word Akbar as jerboa.

    Bible Animals;

    J. G. Wood

  • That the Jerboa may be one of the Akbarim is rendered likely by the prohibition in Lev.

    Bible Animals;

    J. G. Wood

  • A most unusual family of skilled house-builders are the brush-tailed rat-kangaroos, or Jerboa kangaroos of Australia and Tasmania.

  • Like their great cousins—the kangaroos—Mrs. Jerboa often carries her babies on her back when she goes out to seek food.

  • Their hind-legs are much shorter than those of the jerboa, and their tail is garnished with but a few short, stiff hairs.

    The Desert World

    Arthur Mangin

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any small nocturnal burrowing rodent of the family Dipodidae, inhabiting dry regions of Asia and N Africa, having pale sandy fur, large ears, and long hind legs specialized for jumping

Word Origin for jerboa

C17: from New Latin, from Arabic yarbū`
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Word Origin and History for jerboa

small desert rodent, 1660s, Modern Latin, from Arabic jarbu "flesh of the loins," also the name of a small jumping rodent of North Africa. Cf. gerbil.

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