[ joo-ree ]
/ ˈdʒu ri /

noun, plural Jew·ries.

the Jewish people collectively.
a district inhabited mainly by Jews; ghetto.
Archaic. Judea.

Origin of Jewry

1175–1225; Middle English jewerie < Anglo-French juerie (Old French juierie), equivalent to ju Jew + -erie -ery
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/ (ˈdʒʊərɪ) /

noun plural -ries

  1. Jews collectively
  2. the Jewish religion or culture
archaic (sometimes found in street names in England) a quarter of a town inhabited by Jews
the Jewry (in some anti-semitic literature) the Jews conceived of as an organized force seeking world domination
archaic the land of Judaea
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c.1200, Jeuerie "ghetto, the Jewish district in a town," from Anglo-French Juerie, Old French Juierie (13c.; Modern French Juiverie); see Jew + -ery. Early 14c. as "Jews collectively;" mid-14c. as "the land of the Jews, Judea."

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