[ joo-dey-ik ]

  1. of or relating to Judaism: the Judaic idea of justice.

  2. of or relating to the Jews; Jewish.

Origin of Judaic

1605–15; <Latin jūdaicus<Greek ioudaikós, equivalent to Ioudaî(os) Jew + -ikos-ic
  • Also Ju·da·i·cal [joo-dey-uh-kuhl] /dʒuˈdeɪ ə kəl/ .

Other words from Judaic

  • Ju·da·i·cal·ly, adverb
  • an·ti-Ju·da·ic, adjective
  • pro-Ju·da·ic, adjective

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How to use Judaic in a sentence

  • Except the Judaic, it is the oldest of existing creeds; and beyond all comparison it numbers most adherents.

    Is Life Worth Living? | William Hurrell Mallock
  • The latter was considered heathen idol-worship, which was to be replaced by the true religion of the Judaic-theistic Gospel.

British Dictionary definitions for Judaic



/ (dʒuːˈdeɪɪk) /

  1. of or relating to the Jews or Judaism

  2. a less common word for Jewish

Derived forms of Judaic

  • Judaically, adverb

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