[ juhs-tuh-fahyd ]
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  1. having been shown to be just or right:If a parent sides with one child over another, one will feel righteous and justified, and the other will feel misunderstood and resentful.

  2. warranted or well-grounded:The commission’s stance is that bans on GMO crops must be scientifically justified and crop-specific.I accept that there may be a penalty for justified civil disobedience, but I must weigh that penalty against the good that can be accomplished.

  1. Printing. aligned with one or, especially, both margins:Justified text looks a little neater, but there's nothing particularly wrong with having a ragged right edge.

  1. Theology.Usually the justified . a person or persons believed to be worthy, redeemed, or absolved:Good works are logically and morally necessary, for they are nothing more or less than the evidence that one is indeed among the justified.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of justify.

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  • half-jus·ti·fied, adjective
  • un·jus·ti·fied, adjective
  • well-jus·ti·fied, adjective

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