[ kat-uh-bat-ik ]
/ ˌkæt əˈbæt ɪk /
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adjective Meteorology.

(of a wind or air current) moving downward or down a slope.Compare anabatic (def. 1).



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Origin of katabatic

1915–20; <Greek katabatikós pertaining to going down, equivalent to kata-kata- + ba- (stem of baínein to go; see basis) + -tikos-tic
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British Dictionary definitions for katabatic

/ (ˌkætəˈbætɪk) /


(of winds) blowing downhill through having become denser with cooling, esp at night when heat is lost from the earth's surfaceCompare anabatic
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Scientific definitions for katabatic

[ kăt′ə-bătĭk ]

Relating to wind currents that blow down a gradient, especially down the slopes of a mountain or glacier. When air comes in contact with the cool surface of a glacier or the upper regions of a mountain or slope, the air cools, becomes dense, and blows downward. Katabatic winds are usually cool and are especially common at night in polar regions. Compare anabatic.
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