[ an-uh-bat-ik ]
/ ˌæn əˈbæt ɪk /
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adjective Meteorology.
pertaining to an uphill wind produced by the effects of local heating.Compare katabatic.
(formerly) pertaining to any upward-moving air current.
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Origin of anabatic

1805–15; <Greek anabatikós pertaining to climbing or to a climber, equivalent to anaba- (stem of anabaínein;see anabaena) + -tikos-tic
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British Dictionary definitions for anabatic

/ (ˌænəˈbætɪk) /

meteorol (of air currents) rising upwards, esp up slopesCompare katabatic

Word Origin for anabatic

C19: from Greek anabatikos relating to ascents, from anabainein to go up; see anabasis
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Scientific definitions for anabatic

[ ăn′ə-bătĭk ]

Relating to warm, rising wind currents, especially those that are driven up the slopes of hills, mountains, and peaks. When air comes in contact with the warm ground surface, the air heats up, becomes less dense, and rises upward. Anabatic winds are especially common during the daytime in fair weather conditions. Compare katabatic.
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