[ uh-nab-uh-sis ]
/ əˈnæb ə sɪs /
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noun, plural a·nab·a·ses [uh-nab-uh-seez]. /əˈnæb əˌsiz/.

a march from the coast into the interior, as that of Cyrus the Younger against Artaxerxes II, described by Xenophon in his historical work Anabasis (379–371 b.c.).
Literary. any military expedition or advance.



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Compare katabasis.

Origin of anabasis

1700–10; <Greek: a stepping up. See ana-, basis
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British Dictionary definitions for anabasis

/ (əˈnæbəsɪs) /

noun plural -ses (-ˌsiːz)

the march of Cyrus the Younger and his Greek mercenaries from Sardis to Cunaxa in Babylonia in 401 bc, described by Xenophon in his AnabasisCompare katabasis
any military expedition, esp one from the coast to the interior
C18: from Greek: a going up, ascent, from anabainein to go up; see anabaena
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