[ kou-ree ]

noun,plural kau·ris.
  1. Also kauri pine . a tall, coniferous tree, Agathis australis, of New Zealand, yielding a valuable timber and a resin.

  2. the wood of this tree.

  1. any of various other trees of the genus Agathis.

Origin of kauri

Borrowed into English from Maori around 1815–25

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How to use kauri in a sentence

  • As she was to call at New Zealand to get some kauri spars, five Maoris went with her, working their passage over.

  • The British slept that night without tents round fires of kauri gum, but next morning all was astir for the attack.

  • Besides flax, it was found that New Zealand produced most excellent timber--the kauri pine.

    The Book of the Bush | George Dunderdale

British Dictionary definitions for kauri


/ (ˈkaʊrɪ) /

nounplural -ris
  1. a New Zealand coniferous tree, Agathis australis, with oval leaves and round cones: family Araucariaceae

  2. the wood or resin of this tree

Origin of kauri

C19: Māori

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