/ kiːf /


  1. a variant spelling of kif

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Example Sentences

In Chicago, you have rappers like Chief Keef posing with guns, and the young kids there emulate that.

Keef subsequently signed a lucrative recording deal with Interscope.

Keef being a guy whose criminal record includes pointing a loaded firearm at a police officer.

While Keef and his pals post their gun photos, his “opps”—opposing gang members—post a variety of their own.

The video thus had another message: Give us a recording contract like you gave Chief Keef.

I grew drowsy in the keef-laden air, despite the incessant uproar of the pipes.

I sat on the edge of an old stone well before the Bordj, while Safti smoked his keef.

We take our djeuner out to the yellow sand dunes, and we sip our coffee among the keef smokers in Hadj's painted caf.

Abd-el-Kader forbade the use of it, and if one of his soldiers was caught smoking keef, he received the bastinado.

This keef, as it is called, easily intoxicates, and renders the head giddy.