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[ kee-per ]


  1. a person who guards or watches, as at a prison or gate.

    Synonyms: jailer, warden

  2. a person who assumes responsibility for another's behavior:

    He refused to be his brother's keeper.

    Synonyms: guardian, custodian

  3. a person who owns or operates a business (usually used in combination):

    a hotelkeeper.

  4. a person who is responsible for the maintenance of something (often used in combination):

    a zookeeper; a groundskeeper.

  5. a person charged with responsibility for the preservation and conservation of something valuable, as a curator or game warden.
  6. a person who conforms to or abides by a requirement:

    a keeper of his word.

  7. a fish that is of sufficient size to be caught and retained without violating the law.
  8. Football. a play in which the quarterback retains the ball and runs with it, usually after faking a hand-off or pass.
  9. something that serves to hold in place, retain, etc., as on a door lock.
  10. something that lasts well, as a fruit.
  11. an iron or steel bar placed across the poles of a permanent horseshoe magnet for preserving the strength of the magnet during storage.


/ ˈkiːpə /


  1. a person in charge of animals, esp in a zoo
  2. a person in charge of a museum, collection, or section of a museum
  3. a person in charge of other people, such as a warder in a jail
  4. a person who keeps something
  5. a device, such as a clip, for keeping something in place
  6. a soft iron or steel bar placed across the poles of a permanent magnet to close the magnetic circuit when it is not in use

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Derived Forms

  • ˈkeeperˌship, noun
  • ˈkeeperless, adjective
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Other Words From

  • keeper·less adjective
  • keeper·ship noun
  • under·keeper noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of keeper1

First recorded in 1250–1300, keeper is from the Middle English word keper. See keep, -er 1
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Example Sentences

The leader of the party is not necessarily the keeper and enforcer of its entire message, but it’s a big choice.

Cam Newton had a five-yard touchdown run on a quarterback keeper and completed 13 of 14 first-half passes for 120 yards.

Today, one of the keepers of the ephemerides is the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in California.

In the novel, Schweblin weaves together the stories of several keepers and dwellers around the globe, exploring factors that lead them to connect with a person in a way that feels both intimate and invasive.

In fact, the goalkeepers have really been the stars of the tournament, with keepers like Kailen Sheridan, Jane Campbell and Britt Eckerstrom keeping pace with the USWNT’s starter, Alyssa Naeher.

Now, the goalkeeper is out with a memoir about his life until that point: The Keeper: A Life of Saving Goals and Achieving Them.

This Oath Keeper was there for the protest, which had yet to materialize, and had a few friends joining him, he told me.

Rudder seems content to play the record keeper and let the philosophers sort out the sigificance.

“The state has been trying to lay its hands on them for years,” one keeper of a 700 book-strong library told the paper.

In a lot of ways, that's what My Brother's Keeper is all about, and why it's so important.

Before he could finish the sentence the Hole-keeper said snappishly, "Well, drop out again—quick!"

About her neck was hung a covered basket and a door-key; and Davy at once concluded that she was Sindbad's house-keeper.

Presently the Hole-keeper stopped short and said, faintly, "It strikes me the sun is very hot here."

"They're great pink birds, without any feathers on 'em," replied the Hole-keeper, solemnly.

In the wall were eight gates, and at each one a keeper was stationed at all hours of the day and night.





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