Khmer Rouge

[ kmair-roozh, kuh-mair ]

noun,plural Khmers Rouges [kmair-roozh, kuh-mair] /ˈkmɛər ˈruʒ, kəˈmɛər/ for 2.
  1. a Cambodian guerrilla and rebel force and political opposition movement, originally Communist and Communist-backed.

  2. a member or supporter of this force.

Origin of Khmer Rouge

<French Khmer (or Khmère) rouge literally, red Khmer

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How to use Khmer Rouge in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for Khmer Rouge

Khmer Rouge

/ (ruːʒ) /

  1. the Kampuchean communist party, which seized power (1975) in a civil war: in exile since 1979, dispersed in 1999

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Cultural definitions for Khmer Rouge

Khmer Rouge

[ (kuh-mair roohzh) ]

The communist movement in Kampuchea (Cambodia) in Southeast Asia. It came to power in 1975.

Notes for Khmer Rouge

Led by Pol Pot, the Khmer Rouge, after it came to power, instituted one of the worst examples of genocide in world history. Estimates of the number of people killed under this regime vary from two million to four million.

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