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noun(used with a plural verb)
  1. acquaintances, friends, neighbors, or the like; persons living in the same general locality and forming a more or less cohesive group.

  1. a group of people living in the same area and forming a culture with a common language, customs, economy, etc., usually endogamous.

Origin of kith

First recorded before 900; Middle English; Old English cȳth, earlier cȳththu “kinship, knowledge,” equivalent to cūth couth2 + -thu -th1; akin to Gothic kunthi, German Kunde “knowledge”

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How to use kith in a sentence

  • I remember hearing of a match at Ottery, where he was one of an eleven of Coleridge kith and kin against the rest of Devon.

    Life of John Coleridge Patteson | Charlotte M. Yonge

British Dictionary definitions for kith


/ (kɪθ) /

  1. one's friends and acquaintances (esp in the phrase kith and kin)

Origin of kith

Old English cӯthth, from cūth; see uncouth

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