[ las-i-dee-muhn ]

  1. Classical Mythology. the son of Zeus and Taÿgete and the founder of the city of Sparta.

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How to use Lacedaemon in a sentence

  • Lacedaemon consequently continued to be dominant in Greece till other states began to employ regular troops.

  • Lacedaemon and Crete give no assistance here; on the subject of love, as I may whisper in your ear, they are against us.

    Laws | Plato
  • For we have reached the settlement of Lacedaemon; which, as you truly say, is in laws and in institutions the sister of Crete.

    Laws | Plato
  • Self-respect constrains them: since the goddess whom the men of Lacedaemon worship is not "Shamelessness," but "Reverence."

    The Symposium | Xenophon
  • As the two armies closed, the allies of Lacedaemon were as a rule fairly borne down by their opponents.

    Hellenica | Xenophon

British Dictionary definitions for Lacedaemon


/ (ˌlæsɪˈdiːmən) /

  1. another name for Sparta, Laconia

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