[ land-lokt ]


  1. shut in completely, or almost completely, by land:

    a landlocked bay.

  2. having no direct access to the sea:

    a landlocked country.

  3. living in waters shut off from the sea, as some fish.


/ ˈlændˌlɒkt /


  1. (of a country) completely surrounded by land
  2. (esp of lakes) completely or almost completely surrounded by land
  3. (esp of certain salmon) living in fresh water that is permanently isolated from the sea

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Word History and Origins

Origin of landlocked1

First recorded in 1615–25; land + lock 1 + -ed 2

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Example Sentences

It is through Zaranj that India was building a regional transit network to landlocked Afghanistan.

From Ozy

After months of driving across landlocked states, my paddling muscles were in pretty poor shape, so it was a struggle to get into those two-to-three-foot waves, but I managed to bag a few.

Although I am unfortunately landlocked, I can confirm its ability to withstand a few dunks in my bathtub, as well as dirt and debris from various park picnics.

When Alex Almeida surveys his family farm in a rural corner of landlocked Paraguay, he sees mainly fields, punctuated by small houses with sheet-metal roofs and, in the distance, native lapacho trees blooming with bright yellow flowers.

From Time

In 1922, landlocked Switzerland became the first country to systematically iodize salt.

Flat, forested, and landlocked between Poland, Ukraine and Russia, it had never truly known national autonomy.

Unlike its famous neighbor Rwanda, the tiny landlocked country of Burundi is difficult to locate on a map.

An armada of sand crabs hefting a landlocked ship on their backs.

The name of the landlocked central Asian republic doesn't roll off the tongue.

In a landlocked harbour such as Dartmouth very fierce squalls may come down if the wind rises suddenly.

Two weeks elapsed before all the vessels were safe within the landlocked sound.

He began by dumping out into a worthless and landlocked bass-pond every brown trout in the hatchery.

The little gulf of Stenia lies there landlocked, and out of it a boat appeared, skimming around the intervening promontory.

We now turned short to the right and entered the beautiful harbor, which is perfectly landlocked and as still as a pond.





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