[ lan-ee ]


  1. a male given name, form of Lenny.

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Example Sentences

I always thought Ari Fleischer and Lanny Davis (two of the “experts” advising Snyder on PR) were oily.

Lanny wanted to go back to a law firm that represented banks after he was done.

Michael Steele and Lanny Davis are quick to admit they are reformed sinners.

Michael Steele and Lanny Davis are challenging their parties to stop the politics of demonization.

Lanny Davis was one of Hillary Clinton's most vocal primary supporters—and one of Barack Obama's toughest critics.

He had a halfformed hope that Lanny would show himself at first glance to be impossible.

"If I thought that," said Lanny with a smile, "I'd want to get married right away," and he moved to the door.

In Lanny, standing in the illy lighted little hall, she saw nothing of the inner Lanny.

Lanny had not told him of the engagement, but his wife had; and that alone was enough to anger the embittered, old man.

When he was on the street he felt ashamed of having fled without saying a word in defense of Lanny.