[ luh-rair-ee-uhm ]

noun,plural la·rar·i·a [luh-rair-ee-uh]. /ləˈrɛər i ə/.
  1. (in an ancient Roman home) a shrine for the Lares.

Origin of lararium

1700–10; <Late Latin larārium;see Lares, -ary

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How to use lararium in a sentence

  • In some of the Pompeian houses the lararium was represented by a niche only, containing the image of the lar.

  • "In the lararium, O praefect," replied the soldier without hesitation.

    "Unto Caesar" | Baroness Emmuska Orczy
  • His eyes passed to the lararium unconsciously, and to the little cross which she left him before going.

    Quo Vadis | Henryk Sienkiewicz
  • Undoubtedly we should recognize in this edifice the sanctuary of the Lares of the city, lararium publicum.

  • Within it are erected an altar to, and statue of, the guardian angel, in fact the building had its lararium.

    An Architect's Note-book in Spain | Matthew Digby Wyatt