/ ˈlɑːsə /


  1. a variant spelling of Lhasa
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Example Sentences

In the creation of the Lassa fever test strips, they had also made a similar, but separate, Ebola test.

The scientists began working in West Africa roughly 10 years ago on another fever called Lassa.

So was Thomas Monath, the doctor who had just unraveled the natural history of Lassa fever.

In a hypothetical matchup before the primary, Duffy polled nine points ahead of his opponent, state Sen. Julie Lassa (D-WI).

There exists at Lassa a touching custom which we are in some sort jealous of finding among infidels.

So much you git for stealin' sugah!So much for lickin' lassa!

Then we went on to the great lamaserai, some distance from the town upon the Lassa road.

The polenta is turned out upon a wooden platter, and cut with a string called lassa.

Luckily for my brother he left Lassa with the Punjaub that evening, and never learned whether the theft was discovered or not.





lassLassa fever