[ laf-ing-stok, lah-fing- ]
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  1. an object of ridicule; the butt of a joke or the like: His ineptness as a public official made him the laughingstock of the whole town.

Origin of laughingstock

First recorded in 1525–35; laughing + stock

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How to use laughingstock in a sentence

  • This past week, they did something even worse than harmful: They made real-world conservatives a national laughingstock.

  • When they were last in charge in 2008-2010, the legislature was a national laughingstock, even by New York standards.

  • An Indian whom Catlin painted with half his face in shadow became the laughingstock of the tribe, as "the man with half a face."

  • Our Cellerarius a cipher; the very Townsfolk know it: subsannatio et derisio sumus, we have become a laughingstock to mankind.

    Past and Present | Thomas Carlyle
  • To me he is the man who made a laughingstock of me in a censorious little town by calling me "a woman of doubtful reputation."

    Three Comedies | Bjrnstjerne M. Bjrnson
  • If they try to dump me to-night I'm going to fool them and I'm going to fix it so that they'll be the laughingstock of the corps.

    On Guard | Upton Sinclair
  • You're famous, besides, as the boldest plebe that ever came here; the yearlings are the laughingstock of the place because of you.

    On Guard | Upton Sinclair

British Dictionary definitions for laughing stock

laughing stock

  1. an object of humiliating ridicule: his mistakes have made him a laughing stock

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