[luh-vey-boh, -vah-]
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noun, plural la·va·boes.
  1. Ecclesiastical.
    1. the ritual washing of the celebrant's hands after the offertory in the Mass, accompanied in the Roman rite by the recitation of Psalm 26:6–12.
    2. the passage recited.
    3. the small towel or the basin used.
  2. (in many medieval monasteries) a large stone basin equipped with a number of small orifices through which water flowed, used for the performance of ablutions.
  3. a washbowl with a spigot-equipped water tank above, both mounted on a wall: now often used for decoration or as a planter.

Origin of lavabo

First recorded in 1855–60, lavabo is from the Latin word lavābō: I shall wash Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2018

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noun plural -boes or -bos mainly RC Church
    1. the ritual washing of the celebrant's hands after the offertory at Mass
    2. (as modifier)lavabo basin; lavabo towel
  1. another name for washbasin
  2. a trough for washing in a convent or monastery

Word Origin for lavabo

C19: from Latin: I shall wash, the opening of Psalm 26:6
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