[ lek-er ]

  1. pleasant or enjoyable; nice; lovely: three lekker days on a sailboat;a lekker young man.

  2. good tasting; delicious: Who knew that ostrich eggs could be so lekker?

  1. positive or optimistic in mood or spirit: Well, you sure are lekker this morning.

  2. slightly intoxicated by drink or drug; tipsy: It was a pretty tame party, and only a few of the guests got even a little lekker.

  1. well; nicely: Don’t bother looking for another pair of boots—these’ll work lekker.

  2. very; exceptionally; splendidly: I don’t know what’s in this stew, but it’s lekker tasty!

  1. great; wonderful: You made the semifinals? Lekker!

Idioms about lekker

  1. the lekker lewe, the good life; an existence that is mostly carefree: He often regrets having given up the lekker lewe of his past to join the corporate rat race.

Origin of lekker

First recorded in 1845–50; from Afrikaans: “delicious, tasty,” from Dutch; Middle Dutch lecker, from lecken “to lick”; cognate with German lecken; see lick

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British Dictionary definitions for lekker


/ (ˈlɛkə) /

adjectiveSouthern African slang
  1. pleasing or enjoyable

  2. tasty

  1. local is lekker popular slogan promoting South African culture, produce, etc

Origin of lekker

C20: Afrikaans, from Dutch

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