[ lep-tuh-spahy-ruh ]
/ ˌlɛp təˈspaɪ rə /

noun, plural lep·to·spi·rae [lep-tuh-spahy-ree] /ˌlɛp təˈspaɪ ri/, lep·to·spi·ras. Bacteriology.

any of several spirally shaped, aerobic bacteria of the genus Leptospira, certain species of which are pathogenic for human beings.

Origin of leptospira

< New Latin (1917), equivalent to lepto- lepto- + Latin spīra coil; see spire2

Related forms

lep·to·spi·ral, adjective
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Medicine definitions for leptospira


[ lĕp′tō-spīrə ]


A genus of aerobic spirochetes of the order Spirochaetales, consisting of thin, tightly coiled cells, many species of which cause leptospirosis.

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