[ lep-tuh-teen ]
/ ˈlɛp təˌtin /

noun Cell Biology.

a stage of cell division during the prophase of meiosis, in which the chromosomes are not distinct but appear as a mass of entangled threads.

Origin of leptotene

< French leptotène (1900); see lepto-, -tene
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British Dictionary definitions for leptotene

/ (ˈlɛptəʊˌtiːn) /


the first stage of the prophase of meiosis during which the nuclear material becomes resolved into slender single-stranded chromosomes

Word Origin for leptotene

C20: from lepto- + -tene, from Greek tainia band, filament
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Medical definitions for leptotene

[ lĕptə-tēn′ ]


The early stage of prophase in meiosis in which the replicated chromosomes contract and become visible as long filaments well separated from one another.
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