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noun Botany.
  1. phloem.
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Origin of liber1

1745–55; < Latin: bark; akin to leaf


[lahy-ber; Latin li-ber]
noun, plural li·bri [lahy-brahy, -bree; Latin li-bree] /ˈlaɪ braɪ, -bri; Latin ˈlɪ bri/, li·bers.
  1. a book of public records, as deeds or birth certificates.
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Origin of liber2

< Latin: book, orig. bark; see liber1


  1. an ancient Italian god of wine and vineyards, in later times identified with Bacchus.
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Examples from the Web for liber

Historical Examples

  • I know not who may be your alma mater, but undoubtedly Bacchus is your liber pater.

    Ebrietatis Encomium

    Boniface Oinophilus

  • The festival of Liber, called the Liberalia, was celebrated on the 17th of March.

  • The instrument is in the Liber Arrendamentorum, from Lucretia's chancellery.

    Lucretia Borgia

    Ferdinand Gregorovius

  • You had better get such a photograph, even if you have a Liber print as well.

  • The "Liber Eliensis," of about the same date, also adopts it.

British Dictionary definitions for liber


  1. a rare name for phloem
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Word Origin

C18: from Latin, in original sense: tree bark
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