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[ lahyt-weyt ]


  1. being lighter in weight, texture, etc., than another item or object of identical use, quality, or function: a lightweight alloy for ship construction.

    a lightweight topcoat;

    a lightweight alloy for ship construction.

  2. without seriousness of purpose; trivial or trifling:

    lightweight reading.

  3. of or relating to a lightweight:

    He's the new lightweight contender.

  4. (of a horse, especially a hunter) able to carry up to 165 pounds (75 kilograms).


  1. a person of less than average weight.
  2. Informal. a person who is of little influence, importance, or effect.
  3. a boxer or other contestant intermediate in weight between a featherweight, and a welterweight, especially a professional boxer weighing between 126 and 135 pounds (56.7–61 kilograms).


/ ˈlaɪtˌweɪt /


  1. of a relatively light weight
  2. not serious; trivial


  1. a person or animal of a relatively light weight
    1. a professional boxer weighing 130–135 pounds (59–61 kg)
    2. an amateur boxer weighing 57–60 kg (126–132 pounds)
    3. ( as modifier )

      the lightweight contender

  2. a wrestler in a similar weight category (usually 115–126 pounds (52–57 kg))
  3. informal.
    a person of little importance or influence
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Other Words From

  • ultra·lightweight adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of lightweight1

First recorded in 1765–75; light 2 + weight
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Example Sentences

I’ve mostly stuck to pedal kayaks because they are lightweight, and more reliable because they are powered by me—not electronics.

It is lightweight, low-profile, 100% waterproof, and has a 5-day battery life.

You also wanted your pen to be lightweight and easy to move between rooms.

It’s lightweight at just 22 pounds and the side handles make it easy to carry.

The medical kit that astronauts use to patch each other up will have to be lightweight and compact.

With Gear 2, Gear Neo, and Gear Fit, Samsung is pushing lightweight hardware with long-lasting battery life.

Gates paints Reid as a lightweight more interested in Nevada issues than the defense of the nation.

He might have been considered a lightweight, but even if he didn't ask the tough questions, everybody watched him.

When the Undetectable Firearms Act passed in 1988, gun manufacturers had begun using lightweight polymer in handguns.

Without Diesel, this sequel seems like a lightweight, but brought on the much welcomed team of Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris.

You do have a recollection that those rods were a very lightweight metal?

Light as a lightweight acrobat Ahmet Ali had rolled aside, put palm to ground, sprung to his feet.

For his one chance was in his youth and the method he had learned from the lightweight champion of the world.

In lightweight circles, at any rate, old-fashioned proprieties are still effective.

I never saw anything prettier than the way Bert flung him back as though he had been a lightweight.





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