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  1. a ship or airplane operated by a transportation or conveyance company.
  2. eyeliner.
  3. Baseball. line drive.
  4. a person or thing that traces by or marks with lines.
  5. ship of the line.
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Origin of liner1

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50; see origin at line1, -er1


  1. something serving as a lining.
  2. a protective covering, usually of cardboard, for a phonograph record; album; jacket.
  3. a person who fits or provides linings.
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Origin of liner2

First recorded in 1605–15; line2 + -er1
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  • That was the liner, and it had been saying the same thing for two nights and two days.

  • But as for the liner, it continued with its emphatic reiteration.

  • They were delightful days, for the Laconia is a Paris hotel disguised as a liner.

    It Happened in Egypt

    C. N. Williamson

  • Minute after minute passed, but there was no response from the other liner.

  • Already the liner was far away, out of their grasp, even had they desired to return.

    Pirates of the Gorm

    Nat Schachner

British Dictionary definitions for liner


  1. a passenger ship or aircraft, esp one that is part of a commercial fleet
  2. See Freightliner
  3. Also called: eye liner a cosmetic used to outline the eyes, consisting of a liquid or cake mixed with water and applied by brush or a grease pencil
  4. a person or thing that uses lines, esp in drawing or copying
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  1. a material used as a lining
  2. a person who supplies or fits linings
  3. engineering a sleeve, usually of a metal that will withstand wear or corrosion, fixed inside or outside a structural component or vesselcylinder liner
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Word Origin and History for liner


"ship belonging to a shipping line," 1838, from line (n.) on notion of a succession of ships plying between ports along regular "lines." Line in this sense first attested 1786 in reference to stagecoaches. Cosmetics sense first recorded 1926, short for eye-liner. The type of baseball hit was so called from 1874 (line drive attested from 1899).

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"person who fits a lining to," 1610s, agent noun from line (v.1). Meaning "thing serving as a lining" is from 1869. Liner notes in a record album are attested from 1953.

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