[ lee-suh, -zuh ]


  1. a female given name, form of Elizabeth.

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Example Sentences

There’s Wayne, 6-foot-10, whom Lisa met at Montana at a social gathering rather than under a basket, showing how life can be less evocative than movies.

When they played in the driveway, “Somebody always left in tears,” Lisa said.

He was a dad who taught Lisa how to ride a bike and drive a car, she says.

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Lisa, who’s raising Vivian on her own, says that when she was 16, all she cared about was “smashing the patriarchy and burning it all down.”

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She was then discharged to another nursing home before the sisters decided to move their mother in with her daughter Lisa.

Frankly, I don't think even Michael Patrick King, Lisa Kudrow, and the show's biggest fans expected it to be this good.

The Daily Telegraph's Lisa Armstrong called the show a "stupendously vacuous enterprise."

Her son peeked out the window and told me his mother had left Havana for La Lisa to visit a dying relative.

Lisa Kudrow - The Comeback How—HOW—is Lisa Kudrow not a nominee for the revival of The Comeback?

Lisa Jackson, the manager, was white, but she charged that the environment of sexual harassment extended to racial discrimination.

One feels that in the three centuries since Monna Lisa love has taken on a new and subtler nuance.

Unlike the Mona Lisa, Chaplin is able to shake his head every now and then and break free from his burden.

I felt sure there had been foul play of some sort, but Lisa was sure those girls had exchanged the babies' clothes on purpose.

Well, the next morning as soon as Wetehinen went out, Lisa took the churn and dressed it up in some of her own clothes.

When Wetehinen came home he looked up and saw what he thought was Lisa spinning on the roof.