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[ lis-uh-ner ]


  1. someone who gives attention with the ear, especially for the purpose of hearing specific sounds, speech, instructions, etc.:

    At story time, you may choose to be a reader or a listener.

  2. someone who listens to a radio broadcast or to a specific radio program:

    They attract teenage listeners with pop songs about first love.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of listener1

First recorded in 1600–20; listen ( def ) + -er 1( def )
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Example Sentences

These themes clearly resonanted with the lives of listeners in 2020.

From Vox

Platforms like Instagram, Reelz, TikTok, and Twitter make things more accessible for listeners and young artists alike.

In all, the electrical activity of these neurons could predict nearly 80 percent of the time whether the listener accurately predicted Tom’s mental image of the jar.

Not only are there nearly infinite ways to create binaural beats with nature recordings and ambient noise, but the way listeners react to them can vary widely, too.

Well, our listeners can find Brooke at Playa Provisions, or just send a meal to her staff by going to their website.

From Eater

The friend is asking himself if he could have been a better listener.

All along, Beth has been a very good listener and sort of very good at clocking everything around her and taking it in.

The talk radio phenom and Fox News staple has identified himself as a longtime listener of the TRN patriarch.

If Japanese whisky is like a symphony, then I am a contented listener.

Social media twists everything, but on radio, it is my voice directly to the listener.

Something in the tone of the man seemed to his listener uncalled for—in a sense reproachful, singular.

We now come to the department of the organ which will be of more interest to the listener, viz., the various organ tones.

Only one grown person—Mr. Marble—was admitted into the kitchen, and he was there only as a listener.

There was a cold, stinging contempt in Varney's tones by no means lost on the listener.

His voice and manners were pleasing, and his estimate of himself was sufficiently modest to make him an appreciative listener.


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