/ (ˈlaɪðsəm) /

  1. a less common word for lissom

Origin of lithesome

C18: from lithe + -some 1

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How to use lithesome in a sentence

  • She wore a gown of shimmering white which clung to her lithesome figure in soft folds.

    Bee and Butterfly | Lucy Foster Madison
  • She was about sixty, rather undersized, and very thin, but more lithesome in her movements than is common at that age.

    Yiddish Tales | Various
  • The lithesome maiden stood thrice-fair, Her eyes like gems agleam!

    Life Immovable | Kostes Palamas
  • I would trim myself down to more lithesome proportions and I would start the job right away.

    One Third Off | Irvin S. Cobb
  • Out of the wonderful nowhere, Into the lowly here; Laughing and loving and lithesome, And radiating cheer.

    Trench Ballads and Other Verses | Erwin Clarkson Garrett