[ lob-lol-ee ]
/ ˈlɒbˌlɒl i /
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noun, plural lob·lol·lies.

South Midland and Southern U.S. a mire; mudhole.
a thick gruel.



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Origin of loblolly

1590–1600; compare dial. (Yorkshire) lob (of porridge) to bubble while boiling; second element, as in lobscouse, is obscure
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British Dictionary definitions for loblolly

/ (ˈlɒbˌlɒlɪ) /

noun plural -lies

a southern US pine tree, Pinus taeda, with bright red-brown bark, green needle-like leaves, and reddish-brown cones
nautical a thick gruel
US dialect a mire; mudhole
C16: perhaps from dialect lob to boil + obsolete dialect lolly thick soup
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