[ lok-er ]
/ ˈlɒk ər /


a chest, drawer, compartment, closet, or the like, that may be locked, especially one at a gymnasium, school, etc. for storage and safekeeping of clothing and valuables.
Nautical. a chest or compartment in which to stow things.
a refrigerated compartment, as in a locker plant, that may be rented for storing frozen foods.
a person or thing that locks.
Digital Technology. music locker.

Origin of locker

First recorded in 1375–1425, locker is from the late Middle English word loker. See lock1, -er1

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music locker


Digital Technology. an online service that supports cloud-based storage of digital music files so as to allow users to stream or download their personal music collections for playback on any compatible device: I uploaded all my CDs to a music locker, and now I can access the music from my laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Origin of music locker

First recorded in 2005–10
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/ (ˈlɒkə) /


  1. a small compartment or drawer that may be locked, as one of several in a gymnasium, etc, for clothes and valuables
  2. (as modifier)a locker room
a person or thing that locks
US and Canadian a refrigerated compartment for keeping frozen foods, esp one rented in an establishment
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see Davy Jones's locker.

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