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  1. a jail, especially a local one for temporary detention.
  2. the act of locking up or the state of being locked up.
  3. a temporary imprisonment or detention, as of suspects or prisoners.
  4. a stock that has been held by an individual as a long-term investment, or that a brokerage firm is required by a regulation to hold for a certain period of time before it can be sold.
  5. any investment or credit instrument, as a renewed loan, in which capital is tied up for a long time.
  6. Printing.
    1. the entire body of type and cuts locked up in a chase preparatory to printing or platemaking.
    2. the act or procedure of locking up type and cuts in a chase.
  7. Automotive. a sudden stopping of the rotation of a wheel.
  8. British Informal. a rented locker, storage space, or garage.

Origin of lockup

First recorded in 1760–70; noun use of verb phrase lock up
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Historical Examples of lockup

  • About all he was good for was keeping a blurred eye on the lockup and running in drunks.

    Arm of the Law

    Harry Harrison

  • "Then take me back to the Gonzales lockup," muttered Stiger.

    For the Liberty of Texas

    Edward Stratemeyer

  • You can march off to the lockup—all three of you if you like; but one of you, anyhow.

    Follow My leader

    Talbot Baines Reed

  • They were sent to the lockup again, and our party resumed their merrymaking.

    Up the River

    Oliver Optic

  • I would rather stay with you until two o'clock than go to the lockup.

    Under Fire

    Frank A. Munsey