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noun, verb (used with or without object), loed, loe·ing.Scot.
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What does loe mean?

Loe is a Scottish, or Scots, term meaning love.

Loe, pronounced “loo,” can mean a tender, passionate affection for a person. It can be used as an affectionate name for a loved one. For example, your parents might call you loe or you might call a close friend loe.

Loe can also mean to have profound affection for, as in “Ae loe yie,” meaning “I love you.”

Example: Yae folk have nae idea hou much Ae loe yie.

Where does loe come from?

Loe is a common Scots term. Scots is considered by some experts to be a dialect of English. A dialect is a variety of a language that is distinct from other dialects in terms of phonology, grammar, and vocabulary. English has many dialects, including American English, British English, South African English, and Indian English. Other experts consider Scots to be its own language, descending directly from Old English.

Loe is most likely to be used by speakers of Scots and often when communicating to other speakers of Scots, as they are the most likely to understand what the term means.

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How is loe used in real life?

Loe is most often used in the Scots-English dialect rather than mixed in with another variety of English.

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Which of the following words is NOT a synonym of loe?

A. adore
B. despise
C. treasure
D. cherish

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